Pre-School Programs

GymTyme offers different options for our young athletes, under the age of 5!

Tumbling Classes (Ages 3 - 5 Years Old)

These classes are offered multiple times per week.  Athletes in this class will work on basic tumbling, body shapes, core body control and mechanics. This class is mainly taught on the floor using the multiple skills shapes and mats that we have. There is opportunity for these athletes to use the trampoline, as well.

Our class price is $15.80 per class; however families are required to pay for the session up front in full at the time of the athlete's first class.  Every athlete does receive a free trial class, call our front desk or click here to set up your free trial today!


Tiny All-Star Cheerleading Squads (Ages 3 - 6 Years Old)

GymTyme offers 2 cheerleading squads for athletes age 3-6 years old; a competitive squad and a non-travel performance team.  Click here for more information about the cheerleading squads and the registration process!


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