GymTyme On Demand Virtual Training

In order to be the BEST, you have to train with the BEST!

We are super excited to kick off our virtual training for athletes and coaches all over the world!  For the first time ever, GymTyme will be launching a full virtual workout program that will help athletes achieve their skill and routine goals! 
Our current video categories include:

  • Conditioning 
  • Mental Toughness
  • Motions
  • Jumps
  • Dance
  • Stunt Technique Videos
  • Tumbling Technique Videos


Over the months ahead we will be creating full in-home training programs for routine endurance, agility, skill specific training, choreography and much more.  We have always given our athletes "homework" to help them achieve their skill goals faster.  Now, athletes will be able to follow these home workout programs to speed up their progress in addition to their weekly classes.  We are happy to share our in-home training to gyms and athletes all over the world!

Athletes training at GymTyme All Stars will receive GymTyme On Demand included in their monthly tuition fees!  The $10 GymTyme On Demand monthly fee will be waived. 

Sample Workouts

 Flyer Stretching  Jump Technique  Rona Remix Dance
   Coming Soon!  Coming Soon!
Tumbling Conditioning Total Body Conditioning Core Conditioning
Coming Soon! Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

Families will have two accounts; their GymTyme iClassPro Parent Portal account as well as their GymTyme On Demand login. 

  • The iClassPro Parent Portal is used to register for classes, update contact information and make payments.  
  • The GymTyme On Demand login is where our video workouts are stored for athletes to conveniently access on any device.

Athletes joining GymTyme On Demand that are not members of our facility will need to create an account on our iClassPro Parent Portal and register for GymTyme On Demand Virtual Training.  Once registered, you will receive an email with a password that you will need to create a GymTyme On Demand login.  Each GymTyme On Demand registration will be allowed one GymTyme On Demand Login.  

iClassPro Parent Portal
GymTyme On Demand

We are offering this service for $10/month.  Each registration will be granted one login and the login and registration must have the same email address.  Participants must have a credit card on file for monthly, recurring billing.  Enrollment can be dropped at anytime.  In order to cancel, customers must log into the iClassPro Parent Portal and drop their GymTyme On Demand Enrollment through the "drop class" feature.  

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