Special Programs

NTI School/Tumbling Hybrid Program

Students will be able to come to GymTyme to work on their Non-Traditional Instructional work with our staff's assistance.  Once their work is completed for the day, they will use the gym to learn to tumble, practice their current tumbling skills or play if they are not interested in tumbling.

  • Starting Tuesday, August 25, 2020
  • $50/ Day or $210/ Week
  • Sibling Discounts!!!
    • 20% Off your second child: $40/ Day or $168/ Week
    • 50% Off your third child: $25/ Day or $105/ Week
  • Registration will be week-by-week to ensure parents do not pay in advance in case school switches to in person.
  • Students will need to bring their school supplies including:
    • Laptop or Tablet to do their work
    • Headphones (to not disturb other students)
    • Pen, pencils, notebook and agenda
  • Students should bring a bagged lunch, a snack for later in the day and a water bottle.

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